mon amour tokyo

tokyo + kamakura
june, 2008

to me, 2008 was a year of summer
even if i was only in tokyo for six days
those rainy, hot and beautiful summer days
were enough to stay with me until springtime
(i do live in the southern hemisphere, after all)

i regret thinking that three rolls of film would be enough
i also regret being so shy and not taking more (film) pictures
- all those precious little streets, the lovely coffee shops,
the parks and fairs, the modern buildings & temples -
but what i most regret is boarding the plane back home.

it's been over five years now and there's not a day that i don't miss it
if i could live anywhere, i'd live in tokyo. or maybe in kamaura 


  1. funny! in june 2008, i was in tokyo too ♥!

    1. really? wow! we could have crossed paths without even knowing ♥
      did you stay long? i want to know more! :)

    2. ...and i checked the day of my day trip to kamakura (god bless my old journals!) and that was in june too! on sunday 9th. so maybe we crossed paths there, too ;)

      in 2008 it was my first time in tokyo, i stayed for 3 months, from april to july.
      i have been in tokyo for few months again in 2010, but now i'm really missing the city, and i want to see more of japan!
      (actually, my big dream is to cross the country from hokkaido to kyushu by lambretta eheh!)

  2. Tokyo, how wonderful! I had never been so far away from home in my life - it sounds like a wonderful journey!
    The photographs are beautiful and they already have the wonderful mood of the shots you are taking these days, even if they were taken over five years ago... Your photographic style has always been so unique! ♥

  3. The last time I went to Tokyo was long before I used film and even though I agree three rolls is hardly enough for 6 days I wish I had those three rolls. :)

    Beautiful greens - one day when you visit again you must be braver and take more!

  4. Your photographs are always amazing.


  5. Tokyo,a favorite dream :)
    i hate when i get shy and don't take as many picture as i would wanted to :)

  6. oh my.... but but... if you stayed there then.... oooh ...

    well, you'll get to visit it again, I'm sure!

    gorgeous photos, as always my dear friend

  7. Toi, if I can call :-) I never say this but, oh my god. first of all, your pictures are awesome! and secondly I have to say a word, Tokyo. well, I have to assume that any part of the cuisine of this province isn't always excites me, but the culture and architectural part have completely fascinates me! especially because of these beautiful homes with pointed roofs. either way, nice photos!

  8. Dear Toi
    What a lovely photos!
    I wish to go to Japan since many years but could never find a chance. Hoping to go in coming spring for Hanami :-)