away & back (II)

dear friends, i have a confession to make:
the same roll of film has been inside my camera for over two months now.

quite a few things kept me away
film & lab costs where getting higher and higher;
flickr got a redesign that made me cry every time i logged in;
wasted a considerable amount of time on pinterest;
bought a new dslr;
spent a lot of time embroidering;
had a lot of work to do &
i started a new blog

i generally don't talk much of my work here, but i've been so away that i thought you should know.
i work as a children illustrator and, for many, many years, i had a blog that was just a portofolio
but lately, after much doubting and debating, i decided that it was time to redesign the gallery and add a little blog.
it will never ever replace what aprons and birds is to me, thou. i just love this little blog so much.

cocinando colores will be updated with handmade projects, illustrations and digital everyday photos
and aprons and birds will be what it was always meant to be, a film diary of sorts

i have a few rolls of film from april/may that i haven't shared yet
a morning at the botanical garden & a few days out in the country
so maybe i'll start with that.
meanwhile, pixel has been getting even more adorable and cuddable
and he's soon approaching his second birthday

hope these two past months were good to you
i do miss you all so dearly 


ps. thank you all so much for your lovely comments and birthday wishes! 


  1. toi, i'm so glad that you're back! i've missed your blog updates. i'm curious about your work and i'm going to take a look at your new blog right now.

    you're so right about film&lab costs, it's getting worse and worse :(

    1. it is! a pity, really. film photography is just so wonderful :(

      it feels good to be back ♥

  2. p.s. your pinterest is lovely ♥

  3. ah no sabes cómo entiendo lo de Flickr... yo hace meses que no subo nada y ya no disfruto paseando por las recientes de mis contactos. La experiencia es tan LENTA y frustrante...

    Anyway, glad to see you back here! And Pixel :)

    1. pixelín ♥ jijiji

      sí, me deprimió muchísimo. creo que lo hablamos, no? que la hereje de vero mariani (con nombre y apellido) dijo que ella lo seguía queriendo igual :p

  4. i've missed your blog updates too and I'm so happy you're back:)
    I love books for children (I just finished a literature studies and I love the most this part of literature - "The wind in the willows is beautiful":)
    Have a nice week!

    1. oh, that sounds so interesting! i love books and reading :)


  5. Glad to have you back! In any case, the new blog looks beautiful and we'll make do while waiting for you to finish up and develop some film. :)

  6. ♥ thank you for sharing dear ♥

  7. i just cried over this picture. but it's nice to see you've been doing something productive. and don't feel bad about the film- mine has been the same.

    1. oh, dear! was it a good cry or was it a bad one?

  8. hi toi,

    good to have you back here.

    I agree the film is getting expensive. To keep cost under control; I get the films developed and scanned; no printing.

    Pixel is looking totally cuddable. Happy birthday to him in advance...

    1. ♥♥♥♥

      i haven't printed my photos in such a long time (i do miss having them printed, thou)
      i should try and scan them with my home scan, but the quality it's just not the same :(

  9. Toi! ♥ It's so good to see you back!
    I'm glad you've decided to keep both blogs, as I really love Aprons and Birds!
    Being an illustrator for children must be a dream job, really!

    P.S. I have to agree about Flickr's new look - it's just terrible, isn't it? The way that everything is mixed together and there's no space between a photograph and another... it's so messy!

    1. it really is terrible! every time i log in, i run away scared after a few minutes D:

      i love this little blog too ♥
      i hope i can manage both blogs and work hihi

  10. i just wrote a big comment and my internet crashed :'(
    pixel is looking adorable! it's great to know about the other lovely things you do!, i hope you can manage both blogs, aprons and birds is a beautiful delicate place, and flickr is awful right now - to sum it up...
    i'm sorry. this really annoyed me right now.

  11. I'm going to agree with all the ladies above:

    I have missed your photos and your posts very much <3

  12. Ohhh llego por Vix que hoy publicó en su blog sobre vos! Que lindo blog tenés! Hermosas las fotos! Me encantó! te mando un beso! Soy Lau!