36 in 366

 36 things i'd like to do this year:
  1. make homemade jam; ( marmalade, to be exact )
  2. wear flowers in my hair, small braids too;
  3. overcome my fear of needles and donate blood; ( will have to try again next year )
  4. read a lot more books;
  5. get away from the city anytime i can; ( but not as often as i'd have liked )
  6. have an afternoon tea party;
  7. lie on the grass and watch the clouds go by;
  8. go to the planetarium;
  9. watch the sunrise;
  10. make a terrarium;
  11. visit a lighthouse;
  12. write more letters;
  13. catch a firefly;
  14. go birdwatching;
  15. watch the waves;
  16. cuddle with pixel whenever i can;
  17. cook something with my sister;
  18. cook something with my grandmother, too;
  19. make a time capsule;
  20. go on a picnic, by night;
  21. ride a bike;
  22. make a dreamcatcher;
  23. learn something new; ( and then another thing )
  24. fall asleep beneath the trees;
  25. get lost;
  26. knit a little scarf;
  27. go out on a special date with m., just because;
  28. be kind to strangers; ( always )
  29. go on a camping trip;
  30. eat more fruit;
  31. take ikebana lessons;
  32. take a train to another city; ( i took a plane to another city, thou. and a bus to another country )
  33. go back to the mountains; ( and it was so beautiful )
  34. be an explorer of the world;
  35. appreciate the little things in life;
  36. to be happy, but also cry once in a while.
what would you like to do in 2012?
hope you have a lovely start of the week.


    1. Planting a succulent/cactus garden indoors, playing with flower arranging, and putting myself "out there" in the big world more often are a few of my aspirations for the year. Your list is inspiring and I must let you know that I love your blog. Have a happy Monday!

    2. This is such a great list! I think I might make one my own. It's nice to have some little dreams for the year.

    3. you want to do a lot of things!
      i just want to visit marseille, and get a job in a different country...
      it would make my year if i could accomplish that :)

    4. la domestique : an indoor succulent/cactus garden sounds lovely! :)

      daniella : oh, yes, do!

      joana : i know, they sound like a lot, hehehe. but most of the list are quite doable and simple things. and the rest are there just to remember me to keep dreaming :)
      did you have any luck with the airplane tickets? hope you can visit marseille soon !

    5. this is so lovely. i'm not sure yet, but would you mind if i did something similar? :)

    6. catarina : of course not! :)

    7. muy lindos deseos toi! a que los complis todos ;) (y si yo pude donar sangre, CUALQUIERA puede hacerlo linda.... se puede! jajaajaj)

    8. todos divinos y creo que no hay uno que no quiera hacer yo también!

      bueno, quizás el de píxel cambialo por bodoni y el de m. ... bueno, cambialo por una e.! :P

    9. hello, you re here
      with all my love

    10. Such a beautiful
      List - and thank you for sharing it :)

    11. vero : es que le tengo verdadero pánico, jijiji. la última vez que me sacaron sangre me tuvieron que acompañar y me puse a llorar, que vergüenza! jajajaja!
      si te gusta alguno, robátelo eh! ;)

      ine : hagamos listas que son divertidas :) cambio, cambio jejejeje

      pierre : <3 !

      mackenzie & jaime : thank you!